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Statistical Significance Of Poker Data

| Published on December 29, 2008

Statistical  Significance Of  Poker Data
Before the advent of online poker, players didn't think too much about statistics. Some "math oriented" players understood the likelihood of winning with certain hands of course, and the occasional dedicated soul might try to take some notes during their play, but that was about it.

The Internet changed everything. Online Poker pot odds calculator made it possible to keep very detailed statistics on play. Hand histories were recorded for analysis later.

Separate poker programs developed that players could attach to their favorite poker sites for even more detailed analysis. But why? What is the benefit of poker data?

Statistics for Hand Selection

It is common wisdom in poker that you shouldn’t play too many hands. However, some players are not always convinced.

They remember when their 6 2 off suit won a big pot and they are sure it will happen again. One useful aspect of poker data is that it can give you significant statistics of your success with each hand you play, telling you how much you win (or lose) on average with each holding. With online poker software you will get instant poker odds and winning advice at every step

Statistics for Tight Vs. Loose Play

In addition to playing too many hands, some players stay in a hand long after they should abandon it. Statistics can tell you how many pots that you win at the showdown, which should give you an idea of how often you are overplaying your hand.

Statistics on Your Opponents

Online Poker software can tell you whether your opponents are loose or tight, aggressive or passive and what kind of hands they are likely to play. This is invaluable information. Combining your statistical data with notes that you keep on various players on the site will give you a great edge.

Keeping statistics alone will not necessarily make you a better or more successful online poker player. What it will do is give you the tools to become a better player.

If you are able to interpret the data and use it to inform your decisions during a game, your results are likely to improve. However, like most things, you get out of poker data what you put into it. A texas hold em calculator will tell you exactly what you need to do.