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The Development Of Video Poker

Clarissa Kane | Published on May 17, 2012

The Development Of Video Poker
Video poker at on line casinos is derived from the idea of draw poker games, where players request replacement for several cards from the dealt hand. The big difference is that in video poker, the last hand isn't judged against the hands of other players but against a pay-out chart.

The first video poker game was Jacks or Better, by which payouts started with a set of jacks. The very first variations involved the introduction of wild cards using a joker, as in Joker Poker, or by means of designating a card as wild, as in Deuces Wild. Some variations were introduced by dividing four of a kind hands.

Multi hand video poker games were introduced where players could play numerous hands simultaneously. The aim was to permit wagering at a faster pace by removing the steps necessary to start each new hand.

One hand was dealt and players marked the cards to be held for that hand. These cards were automatically used in all hands. The residual cards were randomly dealt in each hand and each hand was independently assessed against the pay-out chart.

The program provider Microgaming called its' multi hand video poker games Power Poker and had different games for different amounts of hands. Other computer software providers allowed players to select the quantity of hands within the same game.

Progressive jackpot games are extremely popular at on line casinos and they were introduced in video poker games also. Frequently, the progressive jackpot is hit in video poker games if the player gets an all natural royal flush with five coins wagered. In certain progressive jackpot video poker games, the suit of the royal flush can also be specified.

To be able to differentiate a number of their video poker games, some computer software providers introduced innovative features. In most video poker games, the discarded cards aren't put back to the deck and, for that reason, can't be dealt again. This is in line with the objective of discarding these cards.

In Microgaming's Level Up video poker games, the player has to put on the stake for four video poker hands representing four levels in advance. If he wins a hand, then he progresses to play the game at a more advanced level. However, if he loses a hand, he can't play out any of the higher levels, in spite of the fact that he's paid for them. The player is compensated by being given doubled payouts at each successive advanced level.

In Over Poker from Cryptologic, rather than holding or discarding a card, the player has got the choice to begin a new level with that card. Then, he places a brand new bet whenever he starts at a new level.

Microgaming's new video poker format, called Reel Play Poker, includes a similar playing process to multi hand video poker games. The last hands don't appear as divided up hands, but are formed from the zigzagging paylines of a five reel, three rows slot game.