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The Benefits Of Online Video Poker

| Published on December 5, 2011

The Benefits Of Online Video Poker
Just like slots have captivated the imagination of casino patrons across the globe, so too has video poker. For those people who can not afford to visit Atlantic City every week-end to play, Online Video Poker offers the ideal solution.

From its' humble beginnings in 1979, Video poker captured the interest of everyone using its' mesmerizing sounds and stunning lights. However, now the sounds and lights may come out of your laptop or PC.

Online Video Poker, one of the major staples of the Virtual Casino industry, has made a big impact on the web. The main wonder of it is that it's not necessary to go anywhere to sample its' enticing beauty and it is the same as being in a genuine casino.

Online Video Poker works the same manner whether you're sitting in Vegas, or sitting in your front room. You deposit funds, press several buttons and then (if you're lucky) withdraw your winnings. Why, then, would anybody wish to play on line, seeing as they might as well just visit an offline casino?

The solution is simply convenience. Imagine you live in a little town and the nearest city is over an hour's drive away. The only real entertainment at night in your town might be nothing more than watching the traffic lights blink yellow.

However, if you were to simply turn your computer on and install some software quickly, in minutes you could be playing online video poker (and losing your shirt at it!).

For all those people who've got those travel restrictions, online video poker may be the ultimate solution. The online casinos that feature these wonderful machines frequently offer vegas-style odds, so that you get that Vegas feel with no 500 dollar a night hotel rate. Plus it's not necessary to pay for any extras either.

Do you need a beer? Just go directly to the refrigerator and obtain it. Do you have to visit the toilet? Do not bother to collect your winnings, wait for that blasted ticket to print or wait for all of the coins to drop into the tray (then hope you've got a chip bucket big enough - yeah right!) JUST GO!

Your game is still there and the old lady alongside you will not take your machine. Actually, the only thing you do need to be bothered about is power failure. Your money is also safe because it's associated with a merchant account that only you have access to.

If you're like me, and you simply can not afford to catch a plane every evening and fly to Vegas or Atlantic City (or wherever your nearest casino is), online video poker may be the perfect solution. You are able to sit in your comfortable chair, charge the money to your Visa card, and play to your heart's content.

It's the same as being in a real casino and it pays the same. The additional benefit though, as far as I am concerned, is that it is much more fun.