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Playing Bitcoin casino games

Clarissa Kane | Published on September 22, 2014

Playing Bitcoin casino games

More and more online casinos have adopted the use of bitcoin and accepting it as a digital currency. Players have found use of bitcoin a lot more convenient. All you need to do is have your money exchanged to Bitcoins and you can start playing any of your favorite casino games using your bitcoins.

If you want to play different casino games using bitcoins, you are sure to find quite a number available on the internet. Bitcoin is already recognized as a digital currency you can easily choose to play from a variety of bitcoin games in many online casinos that you can find inside our Bitcoin casino list.

Below are a few of the leading Bitcoin games available for you to play on the internet.

Classic casino games

Bitcoin Roulette – Similar to the traditional roulette, you need to bet on the slot whose color and number will match to where the roulette ball will land on.

Bitcoin Blackjack – Blackjack game using bitcoin is no difference to the regular blackjack game. They apply similar rules and have the same objective. The only difference is the use of bitcoins use your money.

Bitcoin Video Poker – Bitcoin video poker has many variations but the most common is the JacksUp also referred to as Jacks or Better. This applies the same rules similar to the draw poker. The only difference is you do not play against any players. You can win in this game depending on the strength of your final hand once you click the “draw” icon.

Bitcoin Poker – There are lots of types of bitcoin poker and Caribbean Poker is one example of these games. Learning to play this game is easy because it is very similar to the traditional poker game; only, with a twist. Most bitcoin casinos you will find online offer this game.

Bitcoin Slots – There are lots of slot machines that uses bitcoins from which you could choose to play. For one, you could try the RGbells Slot Machine.

These mentioned are just a few of the best bitcoin games which you could play online and they all apply the same rules as their counterpart traditional games. There are more games you could play including the Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow and Sic Bo.

Satoshi SlotMany online casino games are now accepting bitcoins; even newly created casino games have already adopted the use of bitcoins. Some of these games are for a single player while others involve multiplayer. The following are just a few of the newer games accepting bitcoins.

Hi/Lo – The mechanics of this game are to guess if the next card will have a lower or higher value than what the current card has.

Over/Under –This game is predicting if the rolled dice will have a total value that is over or under.

SatoshiDice –This game is quite easy to understand. The first thing to do is send your bitcoins to a provided address. The amount of bitcoins must be within the minimum and maximum range amounts. You will then have to pick a number after which the dice shall be rolled. When the number that the dice registered is less than the number that you have chosen, you win.